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If you are heading out to New York for a weekend break, the Statue of Liberty will undoubtedly be on top of your list of places to visit. As amazing as the view of the city is from the crown of the Statue of Liberty, a trip to NY would not be complete without some pictures of Lady Liberty herself. What are some of the best ways to get those snaps of Lady Liberty herself? That is exactly what we look at in the following article.

Statue Cruises

When you take a trip across the water to visit Liberty Island with Statue Cruises, you are in an ideal position to take plenty of pictures of the statue in all its glory. Boats depart both from Liberty State Park in New Jersey and Battery in Lower Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan and Battery

If you want to see the statue and take pictures without having to get on a boat, head down to the southern end of Lower Manhattan to a place called Battery.

Brooklyn Bridge

Although a walk across Brooklyn Bridge is probably already on your “to do” list for your trip to NYC, it is worth mentioning that this not only enables you to see the bridges cables and Gothic arches, but gives you a spectacular view of both Lower Manhattan and the Statue.

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Red Hook is a modern neighbourhood situated at the waterfront in Brooklyn that offers one of the city’s best views of the famous Lady. Although there are plenty of points in the area from which you can view and snap shots of the Statue of Liberty, the best place is from the parking lot and rear patio of the local Fairway Supermarket. While you are in that part of Brooklyn, it is also worth heading over to the Louis Valentino Jr. Pier and Park for a remarkable and very unique head-on view, rather than the side views you have from other points in the city. ,

Museum of Jewish Heritage

The Living Memorial to The Holocaust, is a museum found at 36 Battery Place that has the heart-warming Voices of Liberty sound installation that features Holocaust survivors, refugees and many other types of people sharing their reasons why they decided to make the US and NYC their home. While you listen you can view and take pictures of the Statue of Liberty through the museum’s tall windows.

Liberty State Park, New Jersey

Liberty State Park is a city park that sits on the harbour on the New Jersey side and gives you the closest view of the statue without heading over to the island or taking a trip on a boat. If you are heading to NYC with kids, there is also a great museum called the Liberty Science Centre.

As you can see there are plenty of different affordable ways to see the Statue of Liberty in all its glory and take those pictures that will prove you were there and provide you with memories to cherish for the rest of your life.