Located on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand and about two hours south of Bangkok, Pattaya is a premier tourist destination for many people traveling throughout the area. In Pattaya, there is an abundance of sights to see, visit, and the city hosts some of the best restaurants in town. Pattaya’s dining opportunities are incredible, especially for couples seeking a romantic dinner to escape the hustle and bustle or the ordinary life. Depending on your preferred cuisine, Pattaya involves a handful of multi-cultural foods from all over the world, bound to satisfy your palette and appetite. Many of these locations are ideal to set up the perfect romantic dinner for two while watching the sunset and bask at Thailand’s Eastern seaboard.

Whether your tastes involves local Thai, seafood, Chinese, Italian, American, Indian, German, French, or other international food, Pattaya is bound to offer delectable romantic dinners around the city.

Moonlight Fine Dining

As its name suggest, the Moonlight Fine Dining restaurant is off the beaten path and guaranteed to offer patrons an intimate candlelight experience. With very little space and few wooden tables, guests will enjoy a quiet, delicious meal ranging from fine filets; premium cut steaks to incredible freshly-caught seafood options. Moonlight is one of Pattaya’s the top dining destinations for couples looking for a romantic retreat. The restaurant ambiance is very cozy, private and for those looking for nothing more than to reconnect with your sweetheart, it is recommended to reserve a table. Additionally, the restaurant will also provide a taxi service driving guests to and from the restaurant.

Mantra Restaurant and Bar

For those seeking to enjoy more authentic and regional Asian food, the Mantra Restaurant and Bar offers delectable Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Thai cuisine with a classy Zen ambiance. Furthermore, the bar is very classy and offers a wide variety of drink selections. Mantra is conveniently located within walking distance of Holiday Inn Pattaya, Pattaya’s family-friendly hotel is a necessary stop for anyone visiting the city.

Café de Amis

Café de Amis is a restaurant that stands out from the rest for its exquisite dishes and excellent service. Hailed by many as the best restaurant in the city, Café de Amis provides a broad, well-rounded menu with dishes that are guaranteed to impress any couple on a romantic excursion. With premium food, great value, and impressive atmosphere, a reservation is a must but well worth every amount spent. The location is also conveniently close to the beach and many other travel destinations.

Five Star J

For those seeking healthier or vegetarian options, Five Star J is a necessary destination. With an extensive menu, quality ingredients, and an immaculate health rating, this restaurant will have you leaving feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Although less polished or upscale than some of the other restaurants, the atmosphere is still cozy and inviting. It is a bit away the more well-traveled areas, but it is certainly worth the adventure finding it.

Elements is a necessary stop for couples seeking a romantic dining experience that incorporates the local cuisine into the menu. With a grand seafood buffet and many other fresh and authentic Thai dishes, Elements is bound to please those seeking a local atmosphere that is very faithful to its roots. The staff is very attentive and polite, and there are stations where the chef will cook directly for each customer, providing an intimate dining experience that will result in lasting tastes and memories. The drink menu is also extensive and sure to satiate every palette.

No matter what kind of budget you are working with or what specific romantic evening you have in mind, Pattaya is guaranteed to have something for every couple. Although some restaurants can be hard to find, many are located in vast areas with many other attractions nearby to continue your date.