There’s no denying it is great to go on holidays with those closest to you in life, but that doesn’t mean you should completely rule out ever travelling on your own. In fact, in the following article we will look at 7 reasons why it’s great to explore the world on your own once in a while.

It’s Logistically Simple

Planning a holiday for you and another person or group of people who all have busy lives can be tricky. Although these problems can be solved by planning in advance, by choosing to travel alone you eliminate these issues completely.

Work through Your Bucket List

Are there things you have always wanted to do or places you have always wanted to visit that no-one else in your network of friends and relatives fancies? Whether it’s eating snails and frogs legs in France, exploring the rainforest or skiing in Hawaii; by going solo you get to experience the things you’ve always dreamed of without dragging loved ones along who just aren’t interested in it.

Quality Time Alone

As human beings we rarely get the opportunity to spend time alone and if you decide to travel alone you may be surprised at just how enjoyable it actually is. You have plenty of time to dream and ponder on deep thoughts that you usually keep locked away in the recesses of your mind. A trip alone can be a very life-changing and character building experience in this regard.

Meet New and Interesting People

Even if you are not the most extrovert person in the world, travelling alone can be a great way to improve your social skills. When you travel alone, it is amazing how much more approachable people will find you than if you were in a larger group. Always keep an open mind, while remaining safe and you will undoubtedly meet some great people along the way.

You Can Do Exactly What You Want

When you travel as a couple, family or small group there is the tendency to feel guilty if there are things you want to do that no-one else does, meaning that you miss out. However, when you are travel alone you don’t have to worry about what anyone else wants to do, and are free to do what you want when you want.

You Will Feel Empowered

While traveling in general can make you a smarter and better person, traveling alone can make you an even smarter and better person. It will seem daunting, especially if you hate going to cafes and cinemas alone, let alone going halfway across the world alone. However, if you take the plunge and face the fear and do it anyway, you will feel incredibly empowered.

You Avoid Any Drama

It’s often par the course to wait until you are in a relationship before having any big holiday and often these can make or break new relationships. If things go badly wrong, it can fill your time away with unwanted drama and misery. However, when you travel alone, you avoid the chance of any drama happening.