For lovers of the sea and sailing enthusiasts, the Mediterranean – the ‘sea between lands’ – is a choice destination whether they think of taking a vacation with their buddies, family, partner or just as a one-person adventure into the blue.

The classic combination of a temperate climate, white-sand beaches and the beautiful islands embedded in the Mediterranean waters is what makes it the ideal destination for your vacation. Apart from the pleasant scenery, touring the sea dividing two major continents is like taking a trip through the rich history of the West, and the different cultures that make it up.

If you are looking for a place to spend valuable time during your next vacation, below is a highlight of the top three best yachting destinations in the Mediterranean which include: the coveted Dalmatian islands in Croatian waterfronts, the enchanting islands of Greece and the islands of Sardinia and Corsica.


If you choose to yacht in the Croatian turquoise waters, get ready for a whole lot of exhilarating touring experience. The Croatian coastline stretches 6000km and is lined with white sandy beaches, natural bays, hidden coves and cliffs all for you to explore.

Croatia is home to 1000 plus islands and over 70 reefs. In addition to the natural attractions along the Croatian coastline, the well-developed nautical tourism infrastructure makes it one of the most desirable charter destinations, drawing yachters from all over the globe.

Where to Go in Croatia

Of the 1000 islands, around 65 are inhabited. However small this number may look comparing it to the total, it’s still a lot.

Among the choicest places to visit in Croatia are the islands of Rab, the Elaphites and the Dugi Otok. Visit the Rab island and its 30 white-sand beaches all perfect for sunbathers, sailors, and swimmers alike. Famous among the beaches is the Veli Meli, the nudist beach Sahara and the unexplored beaches of the northern coastline. Dugi Otok is the seventh largest among the Dalmatian group of islands and is perfect for history enthusiasts as it is home to many ancient sacred buildings.

When your charter is over, consider doing an inland tour of the Plitvice Lakes National park, which is Croatia’s one of the most significant tourist destinations. The park has 16 terraced lakes that are interconnected by cascading waterfalls that stretch over 158km. With plenty of hiking trails along the waterfalls, missing a visit to this park would be a bit of a disservice to your Croatian holiday experience.

Greek Islands

Discover the precious historical treasures hidden in the several archipelagoes of Greece. Here, you can never exhaust the options for rich and unique cultural experiences. Greece is well-known globally for its defining place in the world history.

Explore Greece by sailboat or motor yacht – check out – and cruise through the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, the Dodecanese, the Ionian islands or the Sporades. The Cycladic islands are possibly best known for their villages with white-stone walls that would make you think you’re looking at a hillside city fortified by a white wall. Sporades are small, but with a unique character and beautiful nature, with beautiful beaches and picturesque towns and villages – they’re a perfect destination whether you’re going with your family or friends. The Ionian Sea is well known for its crystal-clear azure waters while the Ionian islands are home to the exhilarating Blue Caves. You may also visit the Dodecanese and enjoy wonderful weather, bathe in the bright sun and immerse yourself in the blue waters for a swim.

Greece is possibly the best-known yachting destination in the Med, but there’s so much variety and so many options within Greece itself, it’s hardly possible to consider it a single destination.

Sardinia and Corsica

A visit to the Italian coastline is as exciting as the Greek voyage. More specifically, heading west of the Italian coast aboard a yacht will get you to Sardinia and Corsica, large islands on this side of the Mediterranean.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the entire Mediterranean and is rich in both history and culture. Start your sailing voyage from Porto Cervo on Sardinia or from Calvi on Corsica and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of these two islands.

Sardinia will welcome you to explore the ancient archaeological ruins and the small charming seaside villages. You can cruise through the emerald waters of Costa Smeralda which is a hub and a favourite for many sailing enthusiasts.

The old town in Corsica, Calvi, a once small unknown village, has over the years taken on some of the French Riviera influence, just a little though. It is one of the fortified cities that line up along the coasts of Corsica. It is a now well-known attraction for many yachties especially for festival events like the Pyrotechnic Fireworks display event which takes place on 7th July and a similar one on the 15th of August annually.

While it is hard to exhaust all the possible fantastic charter destinations in the Mediterranean, the ones mentioned above are among the best choices. The entire Mediterranean is rich in unexplored islands and coastlines that, if you take your chances, could lead you to discover some of the most unforgettable episodes of your life. Take your time and explore the Mediterranean by boat, you will never regret or forget it.